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Anyone need a place to stay over the summer?-subletting   
03:02pm 22/05/2008
  We have a room available in a beautiful 7 bedroom house right off campus on Main Street. (We actually have 2 rooms if more than 1 person is interested or if you come as a pair). 7 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, washer/ dryer, parking in the backyard. The room is available from the beginning of June (June 5th about-middle of august). Get back to me if you need details and so we can work out a deal,Thanks! Lease starts really soon!  

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08:58pm 14/03/2008

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02:49am 22/12/2007
  I am Legend was ill in imax. ps no country for old men was pretty good too.  

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03:02am 03/11/2007
  American Gangster was ill, son.  

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02:32am 29/10/2007
  We Own the Night was very good by the way.  

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09:40am 25/10/2007
  anyone want to go to six flags this weekend?  

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04:43pm 20/10/2007
  We just went to an apple farm and I went on my first hayride and picked my first pumpkin from a pumpkin patch .it was neat.

edit: i also bought apples and apple cider and this apple tastes glorious.

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11:25pm 18/10/2007
  I really enjoyed Pirates of Penzance.  

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02:23am 03/10/2007
  lolol I wish we had shows like this in the US

hard-gay!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqDtUtAOUyM

human tetris!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll2kajMH2u0

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10:49pm 26/09/2007
  Benjamin Franklin once wrote that one of the reasons he preferred older women to younger ones was because you could always put a basket over her head to cover her face so that you couldn't tell her apart from a younger woman. No joke.
#5, although the others are quite funny as well.

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